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Take Action Ghana (TAG)

(TAG ) is a non-governmental civil society organization that uses modern digital technological approach to mobilize Ghanaian citizens, both home and abroad towards a common goal to make Ghana a better for us and the generations to come . It is an organization that seeks to mobilize individuals to belong to a particular chapter, such as Tro-Tro Drivers, Taxi Drivers, Civil Servants, Police, Army, Nurses, Doctors, Teachers, Ghanaians Abroad, Engineers, Scientists, Economists, Finance, Unemployed Young Graduates, Pastors, Clergy, Imans etc to be placed on one major platform to share their grievances relating important issues such as education , health, agriculture and many other socio-economic issues of national interest that will arise from time to time.

It is envisaged that , through such broad based sharing, lasting solutions to most of our national problems can be found.

The national working committee coordinates national activities and communications between the chapters` networks. Working groups are formed on an as-needed basis and reports then channeled to the national working committee. Certain caucuses based on specific areas of reforms such as health, education, agriculture, sanitation, shall fulfill an ombudsman-like role, in addition to acting in support and networking capacities for the movement. To surmise, the objective is to educate, train , sensitize and mobilize the citizenry of Ghana towards an effective, efficient and equitable governance, free of corruption, malfeasance, nepotism and tribalism.

Our Vision

To be a leading grassroot civil Society organization that will use all means to mobilze the youth irrespective of their religious, race, tribe and political affiliation to fight for positive mindset change toward positive growth and development of the country

Our Mission

Dreams of Sound Education, Health, Liveability, Shelter, Ghanaian Pride, Peace, Economy & Jobs. This is the mission Statement of the TAG Organization and is underscored by our firm faith in GOD. TAG therefore believes that Ghana works at its optimal performance and shall all prosper regardless of tribe or geo-political location by working together in faith and truth. We as individuals and families shall sustain our independence from foreign government and grow competitively in the global marketplace.

Our Objectives

1. To mobilize the youth at the grassroot levels to advocate for change.
2. To have the power to influence policy and law making in the county.
3. Train and empower young grassroots to take the country into their own hands since they are the future.
4. Revolutionalize the country in the positive direction.
5. Create an enabling vehicle for our elders and forebearers who have gained wisdom, knowledge, skills and expertise to effectively advice and consent to the up and coming leaders and current public office holders. This will be our unprecedented cornerstone for a political leadership succession planning.